Our Dogs


At Top Tier Boerboels, we take great pride in our exceptional lineup of South African Boerboels. Our dogs are not just pets; they are valued members of our family. We believe in producing Boerboels that embody the breed's standard and showcase the best characteristics of this remarkable breed. Get to know our amazing male and female dogs below:

Male Boerboels

Each male in our program possesses a unique combination of impressive lineage, exceptional temperament, and striking physical attributes. Whether you're seeking a guardian and protector or a loving family companion, our male Boerboels exemplify the finest qualities of this remarkable breed.


Top Tier Ghost

This distinguished male with a striking brown coat boasts an impressive SABBS score of 83.6 at just 23 months old. Born on October 18th, 2017, he is the son of Concrete Boerboels STL Tuff and Annie (Nobles Lady Annie). Owned by NaVondyl Young, Ghost embodies strength and charm.


Top Tier Uso

With a captivating light brown coat, Uso is a remarkable male born on December 9th, 2019. His lineage includes Big Sky Magnus as his sire and Annie (Nobles Lady Annie) as his dam. With the care of NaVondyl Young, Uso brings a perfect blend of beauty and temperament to the table.


Delatro Elijah

Meet Elijah, a handsome male with a rich brown coat. Born on September 25th, 2018, he is the son of Rainaisance Beeber and Rainaisance Jennifer Lopez. Trained by NaVondyl Young, Elijah carries an air of confidence and grace.


Dynasty Rafiki

Rafiki, a charming male with a light brown coat, is the son of Middlepos BBD Gamika and Jambal Zaya. Owned by NaVondyl Young, Rafiki impresses with his regal appearance and gentle nature.

Female Boerboels

At Top Tier Boerboels, we are passionate about breeding exceptional female Boerboels that embody the true essence of the breed. Our females possess a perfect balance of beauty, strength, and nurturing nature. From their impeccable lineage to their gentle demeanor, each female in our program is a testament to the remarkable qualities that make Boerboels such incredible companions.


Top Tier Harley

This stunning female stands out with her shiny black coat. Her lineage includes Barbarian Bagheera as her sire and Padiachy Violet as her dam. Raised by NaVondyl Young, Harley embodies elegance and loyalty.


Top Tier Amina

Amina, with her lovely light brown coat, is the daughter of Cooper (Elevation Cooper) and Padiachy Violet. Owned by NaVondyl Young, she combines beauty and intelligence to make an exceptional companion.


Top Tier Mariah

Mariah captivates with her tan coat. Her sire is Cooper (Elevation Cooper), and her dam is Padiachy Violet. Mariah showcases both grace and playfulness, adding a delightful charm to any family.


Trebla Kayla

Kayla, an enchanting female with a light brown coat, was born on April 14th, 2019. Her lineage includes Maweza Disselboom as her sire and Trebla Jasmine as her dam. Owned by NaVondyl Young, Kayla radiates charm and loyalty.


Top Tier Puma

Puma, an elegant female with a sleek black coat, carries the lineage of Barbarian Bagheera as her sire and Padiachy Violet as her dam. Puma is a true embodiment of beauty and strength, exuding confidence and grace in every step she takes.


Top Tier Missy

Missy's striking black coat with a white chest sets her apart. She is the daughter of Ghost (Top Tier Ghost) and Top Tier Willow. Missy exudes confidence and affection, bringing joy and love to any family lucky enough to have her by their side.


Top Tier Summer

Summer, with her beautiful white coat, was born on May 14th, 2019. Her sire is King (D&K 2nd to none king), and her dam is Annie (Nobles Lady Annie). Summer brightens the lives of those around her with her loving nature.


Powell Boerboels Africa

This remarkable female dons a brown coat and was born on February 10th, 2020. She is the daughter of Elevation Pepsi and Big Sky BBD Zina. Learning lessons from NaVondyl Young, Powell Boerboels Africa impresses with her grace and intelligence.

What our customers are saying


"Great experience with Top Tier. We brought our beautiful boy home just after Thanksgiving. He has the best personality and a wonderful addition to our home. Top tier is professional and helped me walk through the process. We couldn’t be happier with our new pup."

— Stina R.


"On 8 Nov, 2021 I picked up "Gunny". He is very smart and very socialized. He is 12 weeks old now (15 Nov) and is learning the basic commands very easy/fast. He has a heart of gold. My vet said Von had did a great job vaccinating and documenting him. I would highly recommend Top Tier Boerboels!"

— Brian H.


"The entire process has been amazing. Our pup is the smartest and easiest gentle giant I have ever owned. He is so easy to train. If I have any questions, Top Tier is right there willing to answer and help in anyway. We couldn’t be happier with Top Tier."

— Robert S.