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Welcome to Top Tier Boerboels! 

Top Tier Boerboels is a family owned business located in St. Louis, MO. Here at Top Tier Boerboels we thrive and dedicate our time in producing a South African Boerboel that meets the standard of SABBS #0688323 and NABBA. We are very excited to share with you our passion and love of the South African Boerboel. Our boerboels are a major part of our lives and we spend time with all of our dogs to better learn their temperament. In our breeeding program, we believe in socialzing our dogs and focus on the characteristics and size of the boerboel. This ensures we give our customers the best that the South African Boerboel has to offer. We also have the belief that dogs are like family and are committed to offering our customers the highest quality boerboel possible. Our dogs are raised in a loving kennel home, socialized in a comfortable household environment with children and plenty of activity.

As a top breeder of the South African Boerboel all of our puppies for sale are DNA tested, vet checked, and microchiped, and meet the standards of NABBA. Let us unite you with the newest member to your family. 

What is a South African Boerboel?

The word boer means "farmer" and boel means "dog" from the Dutch\Afrikaans. The boerboel, also know as the South African Mastiff was created to guard the homestead as a farm working dog. The Boerboel is a very calm and stable breed, with a great composure and confidence. Here is a list of some traits of the South Africa Boerboel.

Weight Male 143-176 pounds
  Female 110-143 pounds
Height  22 to 27 inches
Coat short, dense, soft, smooth, and shiny
Color with and with out black mask, fawns, reds, blacks, browns, brindle, piebald, and irish markings
Life span 10-12 years
Grooming Low maintenance with moderate shedding